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We welcome you to send your questions or request a tour of Chalmers Lodge.

Finding a new home is a big event. We invite you to visit the Lodge and check out our community. On your tour you will visit the rooms and common areas, meet our staff, and have all your questions answered.

Request your tour of our assisted living residence by filling in the form below.

Finding a new home to live in is a big event. To find a new home that best fits your personal needs (or the needs of a family member), we invite you to visit the Lodge and check out our residence – see the space and the location, meet our staff, ask your questions and join us for lunch. Use this form to book a tour of our facility, join us for lunch, and see if it fits your needs for a new home.

We look forward to hearing from you because we think that once you have the opportunity to tour our residence, meet the staff, check out the food, and talk with some of the Chalmers Lodge residents, that you’ll better understand what makes our place a home.