Chalmers Foundation

Supporting Affordable Assisted Living

The Chalmers Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation, established in 1970. The Foundation owns and operates Chalmers Lodge, providing a supportive, affordable assisted living option for seniors in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Chalmers Foundation maintains a Board of Directors that provides oversight of the organization and direction to the Executive Director of Chalmers Lodge on policies, management, planning, finances, use of resources, and services.

The Board is focused on a sustainable future for Chalmers Lodge based on ensuring there are adequate resources to achieve the mission and providing good governance.

Membership in the Chalmers Foundation is open to all residents of Chalmers Lodge.

The Board serves as a key link to the Foundation’s membership and to its community. The Board guides and oversees the Executive Director who in turn oversees the activities of Chalmers Lodge.

Mission Statement – Chalmers Foundation

The mission of Chalmers Foundation is to partner with residents, staff, families, and the broader community to create a community of caring through the following core values:

Valuing a culture of compassion and nurturing mutual respect and dignity.

Promoting wellness of mind, body, and spirit for a healthy lifestyle.

Providing opportunities for personal growth, self-determination, and informed decision-making.

Honouring our commitments.

Contributing to the diverse communities that we are a part of and celebrating what we have in common.

Optimizing resources to achieve the best outcomes.

Working together to keep people safe.

Chalmers Foundation is focused on providing quality services, a caring environment and a strong community to the residents of Chalmers Lodge. We are dedicated to creating a culture of caring and positively impacting the lives of our residents, our Foundation members, and our community.

Phone: 604-731-3178