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Assisted Living Health Care for Seniors

Chalmers Lodge Services

Your well-being is Chalmers’ top priority. There are numerous options for assisted living health care for seniors who are part of the retirement community at Chalmers Lodge.

Enjoy an independent lifestyle in a supportive environment. From medication dispensing and care management to assistance with the activities of daily living, the care staff at Chalmers Lodge are here for you. As residents, you have easy access to Chalmers’ Director of Care and nursing staff. The office is located near the elevators and dining room and you are welcome to drop by any time. From your suite, you can use the in-suite pull cords or phone intercoms to quickly communicate with the health care team.

Chalmers’ All-inclusive Services

Medication dispensing
Ensure your optimum health by receiving medications as prescribed.

Health monitoring
Chalmers’ nursing staff is on-site and ready to help you as needed. Trained staff listen to your chest if you have a cold and assess the need for further care. Nurses and care aids take action in an emergency. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have qualified support right in your home.

24 hour-a-day nursing support
With access to trained nursing staff on-site and available, you feel safe and reassured.

Care planning
Chalmers’ Director of Care ensures that your health care needs are identified and understood by all nursing staff with up to date, individualized care plans.

All-inclusive services are included in Chalmers Lodge monthly fees.

Chalmers’ Optional Additional Services

  • Bathing support
  • Dressing support
  • Toileting support
  • Tray service
  • Escort services within the Lodge and out for appointments

Optional additional services are provided by Chalmers Lodge staff at an hourly rate of $40 per hour. For example: For 15 minutes of support service, residents pay $10.00. Invoicing is monthly.

Private Pay Support Services

Mobile service providers offer Chalmers Lodge residents a convenient option to access private pay services without having to leave the Lodge. Residents pay service providers directly for services (or through their health plan, where applicable).

Please note that private pay suppliers are not affiliated in any way with Chalmers Lodge.

  • Visiting physicians
  • Foot care
  • Hair Salon – 7th Floor Salon
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Home support
  • Medical laboratory
  • Medical alert systems

Chalmers Lodge Safety Features

Chalmers Lodge is dedicated to ensuring the Lodge is a safe and secure home for you.  From security cameras at entrances and exits and visitor and resident sign in/out logs, to fire safety drills and emergency in-suite communication systems, your safety is our priority.

Emergency Pull Cords & Intercom

In-suite safety features ensure you will receive support in an emergency.

There are two emergency pull cords and one phone intercom in your suite. All are directly connected to the Nursing Station on the main level of Chalmers Lodge.

Emergency Pull Cords
One pull cord in your bathroom
One pull cord in your main living room by the bed
Pulling the cord summons a member of the nursing staff to your suite.

Phone Intercom
Every suite has a phone on the wall of the living room. The phone is connected directly to the Nursing Station. You can connect with nursing staff 24 hours a day.


For an added level of safety, medical alert systems can be arranged privately.

Assisted Living at Chalmers Retirement Community

If you have personal assisted living heath care needs that are not mentioned above, then let us know. We look forward to discussing Chalmers’ services for seniors when we meet – we do our best to accommodate special requests. To book a tour, or to find out more about our health care for seniors living at Chalmers Lodge, please contact us.